Amartek's 5th Anniversary

On September 15, 2023, Amartek organized an event called "Amartek's 5th anniversary" to highlight and celebrate with all Amarthans.

Amartek is turning 5, on July 25, 2023. Hi5Amarthans!

This event's theme is "Manusia Kuat," which indicates that every Amarthan's has the strength to realize their hopes and aspirations despite barriers from those who seek to stop them at every step of the way.

This event also symbolizes the official inauguration of our core value, "I-TRUST," which will be launched by the whole Board of Directors and Broad of Commissioner Amartek, surrounded by Amarthans. Of course, this moment has a crucial emotions and we are proud to be an Amarthan!

Despite the velocity, there is a lot of laughter and joy during this event. For all Amarthans, memorable and priceless experiences have been made! The celebration was concluded with the entire Amarthans dancing "Manusia Kuat" by Tulus.