• Technology Partners

    With Amartek as your System Integrator partner, your business gains access to an entire suite of enterprise-level solutions to meet your unique demands.


  • Amartha Regulatory Reporting & Analytics

    Our ARRA Service supports many regulatory reporting modules such as:
    - BI-Antasena Report
    - SLIK Report
    - APOLO Report (Including LLL)
    - OBOX Report
    - RWA Report
    - LPS Report
    - IFRS

Data Analytics

  • Microsoft

    • Microsoft Partner Network.
    • Silver certified on Data Analytics.
    • Certified on Azure Data Engineer Associate.
  • Cloudera

    • Cloudera Connect partner.
    • Enterprise Data Cloud – Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Analytics.
    • Consistent data security, governance, and control across all hybrid and multi-cloud data.
  • Snowflake

    A cloud-native platform that eliminates the need to separate data warehouses, data lakes, and data marts allowing secure data sharing across the organization.
  • Attunity

    Attunity is a complete solution with all necessary functions for DataOps for Analytics. Enables your organization to not only accelerate access to your data but also reduce the cost of distributing, sharing, and ensuring data availability
  • Informatica

    • Informatica Partner.
    • Intelligent Data Management Cloud (DMC).
    • Application Integration and Hyper-automation.
  • Talend

    • Talend Big Data v7 Certified Developer.
    • Talend Data Integration v7 Certified Developer.
    • Talend Cloud Certified Administrator.
    • Talend Data Integration v7 Certified Administrator
  • TigerGraph

    • TigerGraph Partner and Community.
    • A platform for advanced analytics and machine learning on connected data.
  • Confluent

    • Confluent Plus Partner
    • With Confluent, capture and process customer interactions as they happen.
  • Lenses

    • Data Platform for Open Source Technologies.
    • Real-time stream analytics.
  • Dataiku

    A Data Science & ML Platform solution with AI capability start from the preparation, design, deployment, and management.
  • Redis

    Redis is the leading and most popular in-memory NoSQL database in the market. It has been benchmarked as the best performing NoSQL database.

Business Support Solution

  • eMudhra

    Enable secure paperless workflows to change your customer experience while creating a single source of truth for compliance
    • Powerful Flexiforms and Workflows
    • Digital Signing 
    • Support for API's and Signer Gateway
    • Identity Assurance and Trust
  • VIDA

    VIDA provides a full-service verified digital identity platform for your business needs, from verification, authentication to digital signatures

Integration & Automation

  • UiPath

    A platform for Automation (Best in-class UI, API, and AI automation; Proven ability to scale; Robust governance and security; Cloud-native, flexible delivery)
  • Laiye

    Combining the power of Artificial Intelligence with Robotic Process Automation to drive Intelligent Automation
  • Axway

    • API Management Platform, MFT & B2B Integration.
    • Create exceptional digital experiences with a secure, open approach to API management, the best B2B integration, and managed file transfer. 
  • Cakra Tekno Nusantara

    • AI-based Virtual Personal Assistant 
    • Support integration with multiple channels
    • Featuring Chat, Voice and support Bahasa Indonesia language
  • Newgen

    Newgen is the leading provider of a unified digital transformation platform with native process automation, content services, and communication management capabilities.