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    A Robust Regulatory Reporting Solution

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Amartha Regulatory Reporting & Analytics (ARRA)

Amartha Regulatory Reporting & Analytics (ARRA) is a robust reporting solution designed for any kind of reporting. ARRA supports various modules for Indonesian Regulatory Reporting with a further roadmap to support ASEAN and other Asia countries.

Regulatory Reporting

ARRA is a reporting platform for Banks and Financial Institution to meet key financial objectives such as addressing key regulatory & compliance issues. The platform could improve the performance of reporting process and reporting result through consistency and better transparency.
ARRA solutions are powerful to meet regulatory reporting requirements as well as to cover internal reporting needs.
Regulatory Reporting Coverage:
  • BI-Antasena Report
  • OJK-SLIK Report
  • OJK-APOLO Reports, including several calculation engine:
    • RWA SA Credit Risk
    • RWA Market Risk
    • RWA SA Operational Risk
    • Capital Adequacy Ratio
    • Basel 3 LCR & NSFR
    • Basel 3 Leverage Ratio
  • OJK-OBOX Report
  • LPS SCV Report
Other Reporting Coverage:
  • Profitability Report
  • Internal Reports

IFRS9 Solution

IFRS 9 solutions based on modules according to IFRS calculation requirements. The IFRS module includes the IFRS data model which contains the information needed to calculate IFRS. Our solution consists of 2 major modules, namely the classification and measurement module and Impairment module.

ARRA's Technology Stacks

  • Interactive web application that will communicate with API developed using Angular Framework
  • Internal API that developed by .Net Core Framework to interact with Business & Data Layer
  • Service to execute job in background process that build using .Net Core Framework
  • RDMS database to store data using SQL Server


  • The automation processes of generating reporting data are happened in Data Integration part. It runs a set of processes that are transforming raw data from the data source into reporting data as per requirements.
  • AIM is an important key of the solution. AIM is a robust data mart that able to fulfill regulatory reporting and can be utilized to fulfill bank's internal requirements. It is also flexible and scalable to meet future requirements.
  • The solution has a web based user interface. The web application will ease user in preparing their reporting to provide high quality reports. Users can view, validate and modify their data through web application.

The Challenges

  • No data consolidation across multiple data sources-both internal and external and external for reporting purpose
  • Complexity, Accuracy and Timeliness of Regulatory Reporting to Regulator

Solution Offered

  • Implementation of Amartha Regulatory Reporting & Analytics (ARRA) to support the Regulatory Reporting requirements
  • ARRA for Antasena (Aplikasi Pelaporan Terintegrasi Berbasis Metadata Nasional)
  • ARRA for SLIK (Sistem Layanan Informasi Keuangan)

The Benefits

  • End to end automation process to extract required information, consolidate and transform into required format as requested by Regulator
  • Improve capability to provide accurate and regulatory reporting requirement which is required by regulator, to all stakeholders.