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    A well-managed and trusted consolidated data that can serve the needs of the entire enterprise.

    Leap Forward to Discover Insights From Data

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Amartek Data & Analytics Expertise

The financial industry has changed rapidly all over the world. One of the consequences of this aggressive movement is trigger the changes and expansion of business needs. To understand more about their customer, financial service industry needs to know their customer behaviour and analyze them. A well-managed and trusted consolidated data that can serve the needs of the entire enterprise.
Amartek Data & Analytics practises help organization leap forward to discover insights from data. With proven data management capabilites and framework from Data Integration, Data Quality & Master Data Management to establish advanced Data Consolidation with modern data platform and technologies.

Enterprise Data Management

Amartek's Enterprise Data Management Solution will enable enterprise to collect data even from complex data sources scattered across the enterprise's lines of business. Our solution will enable enterprise to connect various:
  • Types of data types - Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Forms of data integration - Batch, real-time and streaming, or AP
  • Types of metadata - Application-, pattern-, and product-aware
  • Types of data sources - Databases, data warehouses, applications, big data systems, IoT, social media, etc
  • Location data - Local, cloud, hybrid and modern data platform
And manage that data into information that is protected, accessible to anyone who needs it, and can be accessed for further needs. This enables intelligent digital transformation even with the most difficult data challenges.

Our Solution Coverage:

  • Data Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance / Metadata Management
  • Real Time Data Streaming