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    We help you select the right IT Talent

    Value added service that provide immediate results

Full-service IT Staffing Solution

For businesses in need of supplemental or full-service IT staffing solutions, Amartek offers an expansive talent pool to take your company to the next level. Locating the right IT staff can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when businesses need to scale quickly.

Expert IT Talent augmentation services that produce immediate results

Whether your business needs help developing, implementing, or supporting IT projects, Amartek has the IT Talent augmentation solutions you need. We have a proven track record of success in providing companies with supplemental and full-service IT staffing services that help companies achieve success.
Our IT Talent Augmentation solutions help companies like yours achieve maximum success Z on-time and on-budget. Whether you need supplemental expertise for a short-term development project or a full-time IT architect to design and manage an entire IT infrastructure long-term, Amartek helps companies find permanent and temporary IT staff who cost-effectively support your unique business demands.

Our Services

    • Executive Search
    • Payroll Service
    • Expat Placement
    • Pro Hire / Experience Consultant
    • Identify people with right skill & passion to perform, in line with customer need
    • Screening done by Technology Expert to gauge problem solving ability
    • Short or mid term needs
    • Create IT Professional who posses balance accurate character and competencies.
    • Trained with dedicated syllabus and Curriculums, with performance measurement
    • Trained by dedicated expertise trainer
    • Purpose built squad of technical resource with management oversight to deliver exactly the customer with planned time frame
    • Resource who are directly by leads who understand how organizations work and evolve

Why Us

Experience Delivery

  • Dedicated account management team
  • Experienced Sourcing and Talent Acquisition Team
  • Dedicated strong PSTA Ops Team and HR support for consultants
  • Retention Programs for employee

Employee Growth

  • 30% Annual Employee growth in the past 2 years
  • Experience in creating, deploying and managing multi-racial and multi-lingual teams


  • Continuous performance monitoring and feedback
  • Supported by AmartekZ's Technical Team to provide review, selection and training.

Delivery Model

Finding the right IT Talent can be a time-consuming and complex process. Amartek has an extensive roster of highly skilled IT experts to meet your staffing needs quickly. When you partner with Amartek, we help you select the right IT Talent and deploy them precisely when and where you need them to meet your company's short or long-term goals.
From tester to Project Manager, Amartek offers experienced IT Talent from a variety of fields that provide immediate results. Our IT Talent Augmentation services are tailored to meet your specific needs and budget, ensuring that you receive the talent you require for the best possible value.

Professional Services

  • Define a job description for the role to be filled.
  • The best sources of recruitment are found out followed out by identifying the right talent.
  • Shortlist the successful candidates from tests and interviews.
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of the job.
  • Employ staff and make placement.
  • Orientate the new employee about the company and their roles.

Bootcamp Program

  • We'll provide comfortable, modern training facilities to allow our Trainees to have great learning experiences.
  • Trainees will conduct Team Presentation throught the Training to sharpen their mastery of the topic/curriculum and presentation skills.
  • At every completion of the modules, we eill conduct an evaluation that will serve as feedback for future Training Programs.
  • Using online as well as offline material to conduct exercises, assisted by experienced Trainers.

Value Added Service

  • Access to a pool of IT talent with various backgrounds, skill sets, and levels of experience.
  • Ability to virtually "test drive" prospective IT employees before making final hiring decisions.
  • Faster turnaround time on hiring because AMARTEK takes the time necessary to understand what you truly need in terms of background and skill set.
  • Ability to work directly with a dedicated IT staffing specialist throughout the entire procurement process.
  • Reduce operational costs by hiring temporary resources to augment existing in-house IT teams for short timeframes.
  • Increase staffing flexibility by reducing employee resources as projects come to competition or sustaining a temporary IT staff arrangement for a long-term project augmentation.